A Life Beyond MECFS Awaits You.

I am here to support, encourage and empower you, and to guide you back home to yourself; to self-trust & self-reliance, to rediscovering your body’s innate wisdom, and to full and thriving health. Have hope, dear one. Recovery is possible; and your best life awaits you. 

A Path To Healing As Unique As You Are

Wherever you are in your journey with MECFS, whether you are in:

Twilight (onset of symptoms)
Sunset (worsening of illness),
Midnight, (rock-bottom MECFS),
Dawn (beginning to recover),
or Daylight (fully recovered),
I want you to know that you are SEEN.

My Four Pillars For Recovery

Nervous System Reshaping

You do this through:
Mindfulness Meditation
Reinterpreting Pain
Rewiring Symptom Response
Reversing Limbic Kindling

The Expansion/ Contraction Cycle

You change this by:
Learning Your “Soft Limits”
Micro Meso & Macro Pacing
Expanding Your “Soft Limits”
Pacing To Recover Vs. To Cope

Supporting the Body

You help the body heal itself by:
Focusing on micro-nutrients
Healing Your Sleep
Reducing Allostatic Load
Reducing Neuro-Inflammation

Rediscovering Your Wholeness

You connect to yourself with:
Poly Vagal Somatic Tools
Dissolving Cognitive Distortions
Learning Your Attachment Style
Redefining The Illness


/ course

Many MECFS programs focus entirely on “brain retraining,” while others focus on entirely on supporting the body (reducing viral load, diet, detoxifying). Still others focus on releasing trauma and calibrating the nervous system. Each of them claim to be the “answer” to healing MECFS. As a result, many people have to take multiple programs to fill in the gaps, spending thousands of dollars and still not getting well. 

I cannot attribute my healing to simply ONE of these approaches. My recovery journey was multi-faceted. That is why my program is as well. The Edison Effect will illuminate your path to recovery, and fill in the gaps of your own journey, by providing a comprehensive roadmap that ties all of it together; body, mind and spirit.  A no-stone-left-unturned approach to healing and wellness and recovery. 

Harness The Power Of Failing Forward

One of the most powerful shifts I had in my recovery, was from a belief that I was “doing recovery wrong” to a more curious, experimental approach to recovery. It used to be that with every “crash” I experienced, I believed that I was ultimately failing. The emotional roller coaster and negative self-talk that ensued was dark and exhausting. 

One day I was in the bathroom, struggling to brush my teeth, and before crawling back on my hands and knees to the bed, I reached up to turn off the light bulb dangling above my sink. My hand paused for a moment on the chain that hung from the exposed bulb, and a revelation came upon me.

I thought of the American inventor, Thomas Edison, famous for his creation of the lightbulb, which is notably one of the greatest inventions of all time. I’d remembered learning about Edison in school, and how he made 1,000 attempts at inventing the light bulb before he succeeded.

When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

It occurred to me in that moment, that everything Edison did “wrong” in the process of invention, led him to fine tune what he was doing “right,” until the lightbulb became a reality. It struck me that the same approach could be applied to recovery from an illness with little to no help from doctors, and no clear path out from MECFS “support groups” which mostly depressed me and left me feeling like I was living out a life-long, death-sentence.

I asked myself… How did Edison stay the course for so long, believing he would succeed, while also “failing” so many times?


Edison must have had a relaxed determination, a focused preserving, and a steadfast belief that he would succeed. I assume he maintained his sanity by being  detached emotionally from the process, with no expectation of when he would succeed or precisely how. He only knew he would. In other words, there was no “failing backwards” – only FAILING FORWARDS. All steps taught him how to “not build a lightbulb,” until one day, he had learned how.

In my recovery journey, this detached approach combined with a sort of zen and steadfast unwillingness to give up, had profound benefits in recovering from a very real neurological condition, in which our nervous system’s homeostasis has been lost. I learned how to use every single “setback” as nothing more than information on how to better step into health. I learned how to fail forward.

Recovery from MECFS requires us to make a radical mindset-shift from one of disempowerment & fear to empowerment & trust. To study the recovery process of others, and take steps, knowing that all STEPS fail us forward. When setbacks come, we learn to fine-tune our approach a little more. Above all, we learn to be kind to ourselves and applaud our immense courage. 

It may take you 1,000 tries to find your baseline, or learn to expand it or 1,000 tries before you can sit in meditation with a completely empty mind, or 1,000 tries before you find your old beliefs are no longer acting on you, or 1,000 wobbles and relearning how to sit with them, but the other 999 times are not a waste. They are in fact, how you get there.

Remember: Symptoms are the way out. Symptoms are the way through.  

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