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A Life Beyond MECFS Awaits You.

Wherever you are in your journey, I am here to support you, encourage you, to empower you, and to guide you back home to yourself; to self-trust & self-reliance, to rediscovering your body’s innate wisdom, and to full and thriving health.
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All my life, I have been a “feeler” and “healer.” I have always had a hyper-sensitivity to other’s feelings, and the ability to read their emotional state. This was a blessing and a curse. It wasn’t until my walk with MECFS that I learned how to lean into my own emotional experience, and read my own emotional state, which I’d been disconnected from most of my life.

After learning how to heal myself from an illness as complex as MECFS, I stepped back into the “feeler” and “healer” role, but this time, in a brand new, truly healthy way. I no longer seek to save, but only to assist someone to help themselves. I am able to draw from my own pool of strength to support others, which I am constantly pouring back into through self-care, self-growth, strong boundaries & a whole lot of love.

Health Restored

With my health restored, and vitality abundant, I am now recommitted to my dreams to live nomadically in my 1974 Airstream, (which I converted myself with over 1,000 hours of work), to share my art with the world; to inspire everyone to step into their authenticity and live with unshakeable joy.


Whether its coaching those who are still struggling with MECFS, being the key-note speaker at a conference, writing and publishing books or songs, or performing my poetry and music, at the heart of it all is CONNECTION. Connection is the source of all joy. That’s why I created The Edison Effect; for the same reason I create anything; to experience and facilitate connection.

Outside Of MECFS

Outside of MECFS, I am a writer and musician, and excluding the years I was incapacitated by sickness, I’ve been performing all of my life. When I am on stage, I experience a mind/body integration and wholeness that I have yet to experience anywhere else. I am completely enamored with the written word, and feel blessed to be able to breathe life with my pen onto paper, and birth poetry and stories into the world; it is my joy to capture the human experience through art, to convey human emotion through language and song, and by doing so, help to make everyone feel a little more seen in the process.