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What I Offer:

The coaching I offer is best utilized in partnership with The Edison Effect recovery program. This is because we can spend our time focusing on recovery plan, instead of me teaching you about the nature of MECFS and everything taught in the course.

However, whether you decide to participate in The Edison Effect or not, I am still here to assist you on your healing journey and can provide support, guidance and counsel on whatever methods you are using to get well.

The coaching is intended to empower you, and refocus you out of the “noise” of MECFS in your brain, onto what you can actually enact to get well again. I will send you a recap the following day after the coaching session, so that you can relax during it and not feel that you need to remember what has been said.

You can book an online appointment and choose your preferred time spot from our schedule. After booking me, you will receive a link to the online meeting. To confirm the booking, please make a payment to secure your spot.

Our coaching call together can be used anywise that you wish. Please note I am not a licensed therapist, and coaching is quite different than therapy. For help with trauma, healing mental illness, and other serious medical conditions, please consult a doctor or licensed practitioner.

Our talks are private and confidential and I am here to listen.


The normal duration of a coaching call is 60 minutes. I recognize that some have limited capacity to video chat for this long. If you cannot tolerate screens, we can do an audio call. If your tolerance to sound is low, but screens are ok, I can talk very softly and you can turn the volume down to a just audible level. We can start the session with an exercise to bring more energy through stabilizing your nervous system, and I can give you tools to engage any symptom increase you might experience as a result of the call.

Group coaching call

“The Edison Effect” is an 8 week group-coaching program that happens 6x a year. During the program there are 16 live coaching calls, two per week, that address questions participants have while watching the self-guided videos on a given recovery topic that week. If you cannot afford private coaching, but still want and need support, group coaching through “The Edison Effect” cohort, is more affordable and you get the added benefit of all the course content as well.


A mobile phone with good internet connection and ear buds works very well. Having a way to stabilize the phone so it is hands free is best. Connecting through a PC also works well.

Make sure the session has been put in your schedule and there is a reminder via an alarm or something. Also check if you have selected the right time-zone and don’t confuse AM with PM.

Download Zoom in advance and come online 10 minutes before the call. Make it as stress free as possible.


If you don’t feel well, don’t worry, you cancel the coaching up to 3 hours before the call. Your time slot can still be redeemed but please rebook immediately another appointment with me.


Unfortunately, I do not offer refunds. My time is also my energy, and I must be compensated for it, or what I’m doing will not remain sustainable.