Guided Mindfulness Meditation Series

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Guided Mindfulness Meditation Series

Learn how to practice a special kind of meditation to reverse “Limbic Kindling” in the sensitized brain. The goal is to start w/20 min & work up to 1 hour before moving into an unguided practice. Included are the following: 1. 20 Min Guided Meditation (w/music) 2. 20 Min Guided Meditation (no music) 3. 40 Min Guided Meditation (no music) 4. 60 Min Guided Meditation (no music) (Included in The Edison Effect)


20 min guided meditation (with music) . 24 mins . 38.3 MB

20 min guided meditation (no music) . 24 mins . 32.8 MB

40 min guided meditation (no music) . 43 mins . 34.2 MB

60 min guided meditation (no music) . (1h 00m 02s) . 41.2 MB